What is the problem of large files, PST?

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Microsoft Outlook 2002 and earlier versions limit the size of personal folder (PST) 2 GB pst when reached or exceeded this limit, you can not open or download any increase or you can not add new data. This so-called problem of large files PST.

Outlook is not structured in such a way as to preserve the documents have not been able to gain access to the PST. However, Microsoft provides a tool for external pst2gb on a temporary basis, it can recover files working condition. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, this tool will not be able to restore files. Despite the fact that the success of the reconstruction process, some data will be truncated and lost.

Microsoft also announced Service Pack so that when the PST approach limit 2GB, Outlook can not add new data. This mechanism is to some extent, can be prevented PST files are very large. However, once the limit is reached, it is difficult to do anything for you, such as sending / receiving e-mails, notes, a number of appointments and so on, if not remove large amounts of data from PST files and compact to reduce the its size. This is very annoying, when the growth of Outlook.

Because Microsoft Outlook 2003, a new PST file format to use, it supports Unicode and do not have a size of 2 Go Therefore, if you use Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 to create a new PST file format of Unicode, you do not have to worry too much problems.

1. When you try to load or access an oversized Outlook PST file, you will see error messages, such as:
xxxx.pst can not be accessed - 0x80040116.
Errors have been detected in the file xxxx.pst. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool.
where 'xxxx.pst' is name of the Outlook PST file to be loaded or accessed.
2. When you try to add new messages or items to the PST file, and during the adding process, the PST file reaches or goes beyond 2GB, you will find Outlook just refuses to accept any new data without any complaints, or you will see error messages, such as:
The file could not be added to the folder. The action could not be completed.
Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Receiving' reported error (0x8004060C): 'Unknown Error 0x8004060C'
The file xxxx.pst has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (shift + del) delete them.
Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x00040820):'Errors in background synchronization. In most cases, further information is available in a synchronization log in the Deleted Items folder.'
Can't copy the item.
Solution :-

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is not a way to resolve this matter satisfactorily large files PST. The best solution is to repair our decisions Outlook. Large PST files can be resumed without data loss. There are two options:

1.If your version of Microsoft Outlook 2003 or higher installed on your computer, you oversized PST files can be converted into the new Outlook 2003 format of Unicode, as well as the limitation of 2 GB is not enough. This method.
2.Si you do not have Outlook 2003 or later, you can divide the PST too many small files. Each file contains data in the source file, PST, but it is less than 2 GB, and independently of the others, so that you can gain access to Outlook 2002 or below, without any problems. This method requires a little uncomfortable for you to manage multiple PST files to separate operations.

Archive e-mail messages from any account

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I have tens of thousands of emails in my Outlook window, in the company, thousands of people in your Gmail account and my old account Hotmail. Home MailStore is a free program allows you to archive all these places, and shows the interface to these files, reads like your Outlook Inbox.
Why is it? You can delete old messages and attachments, but it is very easy to find when they search, the inevitable time again. Before off-line window, Yahoo Zimbra Desktop, they are beginning to work with large customers, the family MailStore is also a good way to read messages offline instability in the region of the Wi - Fi, or use it as the de facto e Backing up e - Mail

Home MailStore may submit a list of protocols and protocols, including Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, Microsoft Exchange in the Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Gmail and Microsoft Windows Live Mail, IMAP, POP3. It also supports. POLS. This is largely similar to the presentation of Microsoft Outlook in the list on the left side - in the tree of folders and search for the region - and read a lot on the right side. There are small icons in the top navigation bar, you can use Back to the archive, stored on a CD-ROM files, advanced search and research tools.
The system is very simple. Button to start copying the screen icon at the top of the navigation, there is also statistical data, for example, your old and most recent information and the overall size of the archive. When you check the box, the wizard will guide you through the steps a special configuration, which allows you to enter a folder, file or delete some support if you want to, but not all. Home MailStore miss your spam, junk and trash folder by default, it checks whether there is a repetition of position, at the same time, their business.
E-mail search function. Advanced Search screen, you can delve into the details - date, the contents of the folder, and even e-mail attachments. You can also search by e-mail or attachments, and store the information in order to re-implementation of the report at a later date. Home MailStore support Boolean searches. If you find your mail, you can open the management, conservation and export. Search for fast and accurate, we are testing. Although long-term solutions, with the number of seconds, we can archive Gmail messages to answer through Outlook.
Version of free software can do for consumers. Does not automatically archives or the planning of the former, so archiving leadership. Initial analysis also take a long time, and then deliver the same field (then click "Run" rearchive) from scratch, rather than give you options to get the latest e-mail. We hope to see more and more flexible filters, left sidebar, I just want to filter e-mail with attachments. Home MailStore to limit your account configuration, these three documents, it is not particularly useful if you have an active account. Despite these shortcomings, MailStore Home provides an excellent storage solution for the free e-mail from various mailboxes, and search files.

Visit the Windows Live Hotmail Plus account in Outlook

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If you buy Windows Live Hotmail Plus, you can - in addition to set Windows Live Hotmail using Outlook Connector, as mentioned above - to download mail from your inbox Windows Live Hotmail to Outlook to use POP.

To set up the Windows Live Hotmail a POP account in Outlook:

* Make sure you subscribe to the Windows Live Hotmail plus.
* Select Tools | Account Settings ... from the menu in Outlook.
* To e-mail tab.
* Click New ....
* To ensure that Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP or HTTP is selected.
* Click Next. "
* Enter your name that you want it to appear in outgoing e-mail in accordance with your name:.
* Please enter your Windows Live Hotmail address under E - mail Address:.
* Have to manually configure server settings or additional server types check.
* Click Next. "
* Ensure that the Internet e-mail has been selected.
* Click Next. "
* Choose a POP3 account type:.
* Enter "pop3.live.com" (without the quotation marks) in accordance with the receiving mail server:.
* Enter "smtp.live.com" under the outgoing mail server (SMTP):.
* Enter your complete Windows Live Hotmail address ( "example@hotmail.com", for example) user name:.
* Enter your password for Windows Live Hotmail, according to Password:.
* Click More Settings ....
* To send the server tab.
* Make sure My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication check.
* Authentication to use the same settings to receive mail server is selected.
* Go to the Advanced tab.
* Make sure This server requires a secure connection (SSL) has been selected to receive the next server (POP3):.
* To ensure that SSL is a selection of the following type of encrypted connection: In the outgoing server (SMTP):
* Check the "995" appears in the incoming server (POP3:) and "25" under the outgoing server (SMTP):.
* Click OK.
* Now click the next step. "
* Click Finish.
* Click Close.

Visit the Windows Live Hotmail and Outlook 2000 and 2002

Configure Outlook to access your existing Windows Live Hotmail account (you can not create a new account from Outlook):

* Make sure you have a user's Windows Live Hotmail account, you want to access offline.
* Select Tools | E-mail Accounts ... from the menu in Outlook.
* We must add a new e-mail account is selected.
* Click Next.
* Select HTTP as the server type.
* Once again click Next.
* Please enter your account details in the e-mail accounts dialog box:
* type your name under your name:.
*type your Windows Live Hotmail address under E - mail Address:.
*If Outlook did not enter it for you automatically, please enter your Hotmail e-mail address, user name:.
*type your password for Windows Live Hotmail, under Password:.
*select Hotmail in the HTTP Mail Service Provider box.
* Click Next.
* Click Finish.

You can e-mail in Outlook have the expiration date. Once the message has expired, the title is still visible when viewed in Outlook, but will have a strike through. E-mail can still be opened, but will give evidence of the recipient countries, e-mail is no longer relevant.

To apply an expiration date to a message in MS Outlook XP:
1.Right-click the message to which the expiration date should be applied.
2.Select Options in the popup menu.

3. Look for the Delivery options header, and click the Expires after field.
4. Click the down arrows to specify the date and time after which the message should expire.

5. Click the Close button.
6. Outlook might ask you to save the changes to the message, so click Yes.
When the expiration date passes, the message header will be shown as strike through to indicate the expiration. The recipient will know that the message is no longer relevant or valid. The message can still be opened as normal though.

Microsoft faces an anti-Outlook 2010

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Technology - The fact that Word continues to manage the display of HTML in Outlook 2010 has created a petition, supported by Twitter. Faced with tens of thousands of subscribers, Microsoft has decided to defend himself.

"Outlook is broken. Repair it. "That is what we read in large characters on the site fixoutlook.org, a page devoted to the decision to keep Microsoft Word as an engine to display HTML-formatted emails in Outlook 2010.

Catch on the support, the authors of this page show the display of emails has not changed since Outlook 2000 and Word is the worst software to display HTML emails. They also explain that emails created in Outlook display poorly in other software.

To boost its petition, fixoutlook.org created an account on Twitter and there are already over 20 000 users rallied to their cause.

Until now deaf in the campaign, Microsoft has finally decided to react. On the official blog of the firm, William Kennedy, Vice-President in charge of the Office, justifies the choice to keep Word as display engine.

Also catch on the support, said that the usefulness of Word is especially in the creation of complex emails. It also explains that there is no standard HTML format, showing that Word is solely responsible for the display issues.

Delighted to have a response from Microsoft, the authors of the campaign immediately responded, pointing out that the root of the problem is not displaying emails, but how Word creates emails in HTML format.

Outlook 2010 continues to return to Word

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In contrast, a standard Australian activist geageerd, and in such a way that there is considerable turmoil arose on Twitter. According to Dave Greiner of The Email Standards Project is clear from an early preview version that Outlook 2010 the same errors in the rendering of html as its predecessor.

Reason for this is that Microsoft is maintaining the engine of Word, which is much smaller than the rendering engine, for example IE8. The mail rendering engine used since Outlook 2007. Critics call it a huge mistake, because that engine is very limited in the creation of HTML pages. This is a limitation for people who want to prepare extended formatted mails. Moreover, in html emails are not displayed correctly in Outlook.

Greiner has therefore a Twitter action with its website set up Microsoft in an attempt to change its mind to. While the preview version of Outlook 2010 is not yet officially published, and Microsoft had not yet out that the Word engine maintenance, Redmond has already posted a response.

It's a feature, not a bug

In that blog post shows one of the heads of the Office division of Microsoft, William Kennedy, that are just feel extremely suitable for html rendering. Tools such as SmartArt and styles in Word to "Power of the Word in Outlook," says Kennedy. He criticizes the work of Greiner, according to him a maker of software for email marketing, and states that "there is no widely accepted consensus within the sector on which subset of html used for interoperability in e-mails."

The second reason for this choice is that the engine Word much less susceptible to attacks because it does not run Web Scripting. Thus, Kennedy or implied that the security of Internet Explorer right in that area greatly to be desired. How Greiner to preview the software that came his test, have not known.

Keep a record in Outlook of calls you make to contacts

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In today's world, time is money, so you want to keep track of how much time you spend consulting with a client, researching information, or otherwise spending billable time making phone calls. Also, you'll want to keep a record of what you discussed, decisions you made, issues to follow up on, and other important content of your conversation. You can do all this by creating a journal entry from within Contacts. While you type notes to document your conversation, Outlook will record the call length. If you want to, you can also look up previous calls and other journal entries related to that contact.
The following procedure assumes your computer and modem are set up for automatic phone dialing. If they aren't, learn how to do this by typing automatic dialing in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab in the Outlook Help window, and then clicking Search. Also, see Using Outlook to dial local calls that require an area code.
Track a phone call to a contact
1. Open the contact you want to call.
2. On the Actions menu, point to Call Contact, and then click the phone number.
3. To record the start and end time of the call, select the Create new journal entry when starting new call check box.
If you select this check box, after you start the call, a journal entry opens with the timer running. You can type notes in the text box of the journal entry while you talk.
4. Click Start Call.
5. Pick up the phone handset, and then click Talk.
6. When you are finished, click Pause Timer to stop the clock, and then click Save and Close.
7. Click End Call, and then hang up the phone.
To view the new journal entry for the call, click the Activities tab, and then in the Show list, click Journal.
Note :- If you don't see the entry for the phone call when you click the Activities tab in the contact and then click Journal in the Show list, you might need to change how the contact is filed.