I am going to discuss how to create distribution list using BCC. It provide Outlook Support for Creating distribution list Using BCC.

Do you send email to the same people over and over again? Instead of typing out the recipient's names, create a distribution list. Go to File

Click New

Click Distribution List The Distribution List window will open up. Give a name to the list, then press "Select Members". The Select Members window will open up. Double Click on the names you wish to add.

After the contacts have been added to the members field click OK. This will close the Select Members window. If you wish to add someone who is not on your contact list: Press "Add New" in the distribution list window. The Add New Member window will open. Enter the name of new member in the Display Name field.

Enter the e-mail address of the new member in the E-mail Address field.

Press OK and the new member will be added to your Distribution List.

Save and Close the Distribution List window. When you want to e-mail this group just type in the name of the List rather than each recipients name.

Now that you understand how to create a distribution list you should understand "Bcc" or Blind Carbon Copy.

"Bcc" allows you to send an e-mail without showing everyone the e-mail address of the recipients. It also is the polite thing to do. This way you're not inadvertently sharing a person's e-mail with a group of people they may not know, by including them in a mass email. You can also use the "Bcc" field to quietly notify a third party that a message has been sent.

Use of "Bcc" for long lists of addresses is important for two reasons: It protects the privacy of those to whom you send a message, and It makes forwarded e-mail less confusing to read When using "Bcc" add your own e-mail in the To: field to ensure yours is the only address shown.

All e-mail programs support "Bcc", but it may not be the default option. In Outlook 2007, click "New" for a new e-mail, then under the Options Tab click the "Show Bcc" button In Outlook 2003, click "New" for a new e-mail, then click the little down arrow to the right of "Options" and select "Bcc". Once selected, "Bcc" will be available for all new e-mails.

Here are some suggestions for using the different fields when sending e-mail. To: Add recipients who you are directly communicating with. There is nothing wrong with a list of e-mails, as long as there is no problem with each recipient being able to see the other recipient's e-mail address

Cc: Known as Carbon Copy. Use "Cc": to send a copy of the e-mail to recipients not required to participate in the communication. It allows the To: recipients to known that someone else is also receiving the e-mail

Bcc: Blind Carbon Copy is where you put e-mail addresses that should not be seen by other recipients.

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